maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2012

Surfers Paradise

These following pictures are from the Gold Cost which I already mentioned me and Linda went to earlier :)

( Sorry laatun i bilderna - min kamera e int den besta man kan ha precis... )

Hahaaaaaaaaa - so much fun on a random ride !

Linda Beth and me

Hurja meno taas kerran

Every single building you can see on the picture above is hotels... yeah...

De va som en kummitustalo men vi gick inte egenom det koska inga pengar vi mera hade aha

(Sorry for the language changes... cant help it)

We took the last train back from Surfers to the city. Then we were ment to catch the last train home - but we missed it. Just our luck. So we had to spend 4 hours in the city, from 12 - 04am... Thank you for Pancake Manor to exist <3

We were home at 6.30am. Then we went to bed and woke up 3pm, such a great Australian experience ;)

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