tiistai 1. toukokuuta 2012

Almost like Hogwarts

Jag bloggar po engelska idag ... fel dator haha..

St. Mary's College... is... is... LIKE HOGWARTS !!!! Not really, but some things are just so ''Hogwarts''.

We have 4 different houses and all the houses have an own color and compete with each others haha.

And then the uniforms, we have to wear formal uniform almost every day. Not the sports uniform as in my old school. Hogwarts also wears formal aha!


In this school everything is very strict. It's a privet Catholic school.

- No make up is allowed
- No other ear rings than small plain silver or gold
- You have to wear a hat ALL THE TIME
- Your hair has to be up and nothing on the face, not even a fringe is allowed
-  and all the basic rules.. as the ones in my old school.

( meaning no jewellery, black leather shoes, no nail polish blablablabla )

But I'll get used to it. I mean, i have to.. :D

They even have cleansing wipes for them who comes with make up to school. No, im not kidding you.

But I like my new school, everybody is so nice there. And everybody is friends with everybody because it only has around 500 students :)

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  1. Ja visste att Hogwarts int e påhittat! tappa int bort dej sen när du flyger me din nimbus 2000 jåkå? :)

    1. hahahh ja ska försöka mitt bästa;)