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Siis, jöööö

Haha, tappa bort mej till en annan utbytes elevs blogg och hitta den här.

Det är från Wikipedia tror jag.


The Exchange Student (Exchangius Studentidos): The exchange student is a rare and beautiful animal, which lives in all parts of the world. It's easy to spot an Exchangius Studentidos because of an insane amount of bracelets and because it never truly fits in with the surrounding environment (somehow it always manages to be different even though it is trying to fit in). 
The exchange student is rarely seen in day light, it is mostly nocturnal. Because of this people often think the exchange student uses most of its time sleeping, this is however not true. It is very fond of cameras, skype, and alcohol. It is an EXTREMELY social animal, which when you put into a group of non-exchange students has a tendency of raising the mood and noise level of the group.
If you wish to see an exchange student, a good place to look is in the streets after midnight, preferably close to local bars or clubs. The exchange student seems to be well at home in these places. It has been observed that when exchange students are gathered in a group (which occurs very often), that the chance of yells, screams and loud laughing is increased by 97%. These groups of exchange students have a rather amazing skill. Whatever place they go to, be it a bus stop, a small bar or a fancy club, they always make the party, and seem to get the attention from all non-exchange students around, even though they are not really aware of it. They will 9 out of 10 times also drink intoxicating amounts of alcohol, and when this happens there is no telling what will happen next. 
The exchange student seems to show an abnormal amount of pleasure when doing things it is not allowed to. This might be because it is an extremely free animal, but is always caged by the rules of the society that surrounds it. The exchange student is almost impossible to tame, and has little care of what others think, because it is always out of its natural habitat and knows it never really fits in anyways. It is not rare that the exchange student changes mate, it has many times been seen changing mates several times per night.
Contrary to popular belief the exchange student is a very intelligent being, which often speaks two or more languages. It has been reported though that it has a huge vocabulary of random words in many different languages, and it is very good at learning to trash talk in new languages. Through all the studies of the exchange student, we have found that the only thing that seems to drive them, and that they care about, is just having the best time possible. 
NOTICE: Upon approaching a group of exchange students be prepared for memory loss, a lot of laughter and an empty wallet. “

Some things are just so true haha..

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