tiistai 12. kesäkuuta 2012


Its winter now here in Australia... and its freezing ! It gets down to like two degrees during night time and I sleep with woolen socks, long PJ pants, t-shirt, jumper and three blankets. But sometimes I still wake up in the middle of the night, cold. I have to add a fourth blanket tonight.

Im also always the coldest one in my family(they find it a bit funny, cause Im the one from freezing cold Finland, apparently I should be used to it). I really dont understand why they are keeping all their doors and windows open, 24/7. Im not kidding, ALL  DAY ALL NIGHT. And no, the houses in QLD are not heated. Not even the shower.

During the days its pretty warm tho..(around 20) or not warm but its alright. In school Im fine with my short skirt and a jumper, if its windy I get goose bumps and I prefer to be in the sun instead of the shades. I have worn long pants four times in Australia, three times last weekend.

I prefer Australian winter haha. Winter in Finland is just too much... too cold you know. But I do kinda miss snowboarding...

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