maanantai 11. kesäkuuta 2012

Turbo postaus, taas kerran

Im going to post in English.. just to see how it goes. Don't judge, please.

So, last weekend was awesome! Five of us girls jumped in the car to visit host-sister Gianna in Taroom, a tiny little village in the inland of Australia. Now I've seen both outback and inland of Australia, I actually almost feel like an Australian bush woman right now aha. It was colder out there and during night it dropped down to -7 !!!!!!! (it never gets minus degrees on the coast where I live)

We drove for hundreds of kilometers (on a sand/mud road) and the sights were so beautiful and very different from the Finnish outback, or anything I've ever seen.

We also saw heaps of Australian WILD native animals!! 7 KANGAROOS, DINGO'S, EMUS, GALLAH'S and heaps more :)

Dont get a chock now, okay?

In Australia there is this wild dog breed called Dingo. They are kinda dangerous, a bit like the Finnish wolf. The dingo's kills farm animals so it has become a good deal to kill them according to some people.. You also get money for the fur. On the picture above there is an ''fur-less'' dingo. I dont actually know why I put this on my blog... but yeah, some bad Australian outback for you .....

The local pub. Gotta say it wasnt like any pud I've ever seen before aha

In a small village where we stopped to buy mandarins there was this guy called Gay Dan. You can see a picture of him on the mandarin! hehehehehe funny aye?

This weekend I got to get to know some fantastic people, thanks for that!

I apologize for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Now im off to eat some French bred and drink hot chocolate and then bed, im tired as..

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  1. ja borgby blir ju varsta storstan i jamforelse, haha ;) kiva att fa se lite olika sidor av australien! Men var e alla manniskor?! Sku va kiva at se lite bilder pa din family :) kram hanna

    1. hahah jepps :D noh ingen ville nu helt vara bakom kameran eftersom man nu int helt bryr sej om hur man ser ut.. och de sista dom vill e hamna pa min blogg hahah